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soon i will be starting point commisions. i will be making mlp iron bead keychains, headshot, and maybe full body. i might also do it with human ocs but idk..... hopefully this will start in a month or so. so keep a look out! the price of a keychain (1x1 inch) will be 200 points, a headshot (2x2 or 3x3 inch) will be 400 points, and fullbody ( 4x4 inch) will be 800 points. if any question comment and ill try and answer! 
Hey guys I am gonna write a story , well a guide for my story. Its about a girl who stumbles upon a young grim reaper girl. The grim reaper girl takes her to the underworld where they embark on a quest to find out why she can see grim reapers. On there way to find the lord of the dead to ask him this question, they meet new friends of all species of monsters. So I am writing a guide to how the monsters live their lives in the underworld. Tell me if I should write the story and help me think of a name. Comment down below to help. Thanks guys!
so i was wondering if you guys could draw 
my new fursona rosco .:Adopt 16:. 15 points [Closed] by AdoptFurry

heres what hes like:
species: half wolf half demon
mood: play boy
likes: bandanas around his neck, vine quote beanies ( example: boi, what are those, deez nutz, etc.), spike bracelets, fire, darkness, girls, boys.
idk what else 
oh and the prize is not points but a full body picture of your choice and pose of your choice and everyone try their best  second and third place get headshots of their choice
ok so theres this guy at school named john. last year he was total jerk to me but this year hes so nice. everywhere i sit in class he finds a way to talk to me. when im talking to my friends he comes over to me stares at me for awhile then eventually walks away. and even more is that he texted and asked my friend if she had MY phone number even though im not in any group projects with him. so do you think he likes me or not. leave your answer in the comments. 
come join me while i draw
Want get known? getting :+devwatch: Watchs , :+fav: Favs and :llama: llamas? Go to

Olivine is a lime green gem

She is a little taller than pearl but a little shorter than garnet

She is medium size not too tick not too skinny

She has a big pony tail and a shaved head with a slightly spiky swoop bang

Her outfit is a dark yellow green short sleeved short zip up jacket and light green yellow leotard with a star on the stomach part with blue jegging shorts with black flats and blue all-star shoe socks

She is a fusion of emerald and jonquil

Jonquil is taller than garnet but shorter than rose

A yellow gem


Her hair is shaved except a slightly spiky swoop bang

Is kinda shy and stealthy


Is in a dark yellow zip up jacket and jeans with blue all-star shoes with a star on the breast part of the jacket

Emerald is smaller than pearl but bigger than amethyst

Obviously green

Very perky and energetic

Girly girl

Little chubby like amethyst

Shaved head except a huge ponytail

Wears light green short sleeved shirt that's short and slants with a dark green leotard and clear green tights with black flats with a star on the short shirt

They like being olivine more but accessionally(idk how to spell) spilt apart
I'm sorry and appreciate how you are thinking about me and giving me llama badges but if your gonna spend points on me please spend them on the donation or commission. Like I said I do appreciate you thinking of me but I would like it better if you did that for me.
hey guys I recently uploaded a few of my pony drawings and just to let you know I do take requests and art trades for those
I am truly sorry for stealing your art I cant draw myself so I use your beautiful art I will delete everything tomorrow and you wont have to worry about anything here again
if you are interested in mlp oc s then here are some of mine if you want you can draw the oc with the name and show me but all these names are copyrighted ok here we go:
1.smokey inferno hue
3.amber shift
4.ocean splash
5.cloudy rain
6.flaring fog
7.snowy wind
8.gemmed jewel
9.quartz concert tune
11.rocking onyx
12.techie pendant
13.meteoric tiara
14.crowned excellence
15.crowned affection
16.bronze amulet
hey guys so I can see you like my the horror picture so I was trying to draw my oc which is my icon which my bff vinnieluv8 made thx so I tried some different drawing styles on it and messed up terribly and gave up on it and I thought you guys would hate but you love it so tthx and if you can why do you like it